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2014-2015 Contest Winners

The 3 Winners:

Caitlin Meliski: SUN Area Technical Institute-New Berlin, PA

Ryan Stoltzfus: East Pennsboro School District-Enola, PA

Leadership: A Fighting Force

Whether it’s a captain at the wheel,

On a stormy sea,

Or a sergeant at the ready,

Leading the heartbeat of the army.

Inspiration that leads the feet of soldiers,

Or the beating hearts of men

Is the same force that destroys barriers

And gives people victory to their heart’s content.

A great leader can make any man overcome any obstacle.

Make any human being do something that’s said to be impossible.

Whether it’s 300 fighting a hundred thousand,

Or fighting to free an entire island.

These feats show no true boundaries can be placed.

That any bars holding you back can be erased.

Leading others into places they’d never go.

Leading them out triumphant as they steal the show.

It’s leading them through thick and thin,

And every time they fall, helping them back up again.

True leaders are made, not born.

They grab the helm and fight the storm.

Fighting so that others will too,

Is what a leader is made to do.


LeeAnn Bachman: Commonwealth Connections Academy-Virtual School




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