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2013-14 Contest Winners

The 3 Winners:

Emily Richard: Fort Cherry Jr/Sr. High School-McDonald, PA

Claudia Rudisill, Alexis Ogle, Abigail Godard, and Taylor Wiles-Fairfield Middle School-Fairfield, PA

Shreyas Parab Northley Middle School-Aston, PA

 A close up of the tiles in the picture above


Honorable Mentions


Leaders: Always Uprising Us


A mere shadow in the face of the world,

A slice of air in a crowd of surging humanity,

However, in that mass is e pluribus unum,

One out of many, one that can stand out,

They shine in the midst of nightmares,

They heal shattered spirits, broken bones, searing wounds of pain and torture,

A single star that guides you out of misery,

They mentor the misshapen, the people that don’t know where to look,

They influence, inspire, perform benevolence,

They steer us in the right direction,

They stand tall not for placement in society, but for their deeds,

Caring not for schadenfreude for they feel for other’s misfortunes,

They support others, lift them up, and lend a helping hand,

They try to the best of their potential even if they fail,

Having made countless mistakes, but they learn to let others rise,

Sometimes you don’t know where you’ll find them,

At first they’re a mere silhouette,

Eventually, though, they show their potential and worth,

A true friend, a comrade, a mentor to count on in the end,

They are our LEADERS.

 Entries submitted by Garnet Valley Middle School-Glen Mills, PA



Entry submitted by Greater Johnstown Sr. High School-Johnstown, PA