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A project of LVCIL
Funded by the PADDC

What are the

Leadership Skill Areas?

This project began by interviewing several business leaders across PA and found eight common leadership skill areas that these leaders felt students should learn in order to be sucessful leaders themselves throughout their lives.  This page highlights those eight skill areas by providing a toolkit of resources for each of them.  It is our hope that these toolkits can help supplement the lessons and additional resources housed in our database to really develop these skills in your students.  Toolkits can be found on the right beneath each individual leadership skill area.

Each toolkit will include:

PowerPoint PresentationThese presentations will provide an introduction to what each skill area means, how it relates to leadership, and brief activities to get your students thinking about the skill.

VideoEach video was developed by youth, for youth, and provides a brief situational representation of the different skill areas. 

SuggestionsThese one-pagers offer generalizable suggestions and questions to help support the explicit learning of skill areas in every day lessons. 

Vocabulary MatchingThese worksheets each provide a set of vocabulary specific to that skill area in order to enhance the student's understanding.

Practice ActivityThese activities are a more interactive way to directly practice utilizing each skill area.

Puzzle ActivityThese activities are meant to provide a more engaging way for students to be exposed to the skill area vocabulary.





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Critical Thinking









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