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The Resource Library

How it was Built

To help build our leadership education resource library we reached out to people across the state and country that have been identified as leaders: athletes, military personnel, politicians, representatives from various faith communities, disability advocates, and business leaders. We surveyed them to help us identify the most relevant skills young people needed to be taught to develop leadership in their own life.

Through those interviews we identified 8 core skills: acceptance advocacy, character, communication, critical thinking, drive, knowledge, and organization. We then took those 8 skills and linked them back to the PA Core Standards for grades 9-12 for English/Language Arts, science, and history.

How it Works

The resources you find here will be aligned to the PA Core standards and will focus one or more of the 8 leadership areas we identified through our survey process. The resources on this website will allow teachers to say without a doubt that they are teaching leadership skill development to all the students in their classroom.

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